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10 tips about Getting tattooed in summer

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At The Inker, from our experience, we can assure that getting tattooed in summer is not a problem, you will just have to take certain precaution and specific care for this time of year.

It’s paramount that the tattoo studio takes all the necessary hygienic measures and uses quality equipment and products (needles, ink, creams, etc.). From that point on, your tattoo’s success depends on you.

You have probably heard on more than one occasion that it’s not advisable to get tattooed in summer. Nevertheless, it might possibly be the most convenient time (vacation, less rubbing with your clothes, etc.).

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At The Inker we can give some advice so that getting tattooed in summer doesn’t present a problem:
  1. The healing period for a tattoo is between one and two weeks, depending on its size and the area where it has been done. In any case, itshould be perfectly healed within a month or even before.
  2. When the tattoo has been completed, it should be covered with a transparent film to avoid rubbing, sweating and infections, approximately for two or three hours. Once we take the film off, we will clean the area with water and soap and dry it carefully until it is completely dry.
  3. Apply a quality healing cream. They are usually more expensive than standard moisturizing and scarring creams, but it is well worth not saving here. Good tattoo studios normally provide specific professional creams that help scarring in the optimal time period and avoid soreness and complications.
  4. In the first weeks try to avoid swimming at the beach and in swimming pools.
  5. Where possible, protect the area with clothing, preferably cotton, to prevent sweating and avoid any kind of insect bite.
  6. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, as it can affect scarring and can cause dipigmentation of the tattoo. In any event, use high factor sunscreen (we recommend 50 SPF).
  7. Avoid picking at the scabs or flakes that can appear on the tattoo, that can cause new wounds and damage to the tattoo.
  8. For the first few nights, before going to sleep, protect the tattoo to avoid rubbing.
  9. Avoid doing contact sports or high intensity endeavors.
  10. If possible, go back to your tattoo studio, so that the artists can review the progress of the tattoo and help with aftercare or healing if necessary.

As you know, The Inker Studio is in Torrevieja, a touristic area par excellence. During summer, we do hundreds of new tattoos. That’s why we can assure you that following these simple pieces of advice, your tattoo in summer will be a success.

If you need more information we will be pleased to talk to you.